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My name is James, I play lead guitar and perform lead vocals. On stage I am known as “King James, the Lion Hearted”. I got my first guitar at age 10. At age 14, I joined my first band, and too many to count after that. Then in 1990, the very first rendition of "The Alliance" was born. We started in San Diego California where we put out our first CD. After several years and several performances in California, I went to Japan for three years which was an interesting playing experience to say the least. The Japanese rock out. From there I headed down south to the gulf coast for a few years to play for the great southern folks there. Finally, I moved to the great Northwest where I reside today. Over the years, I pondered... how could I expand my musical vision?


I decided to create an original project developed from just the band playing music, and morph it into something more creative, meaningful, and exciting. So, I wrote the full blown theatrical production of "Writing on The Wall". I took my ongoing childhood love for European castles, knights, swordsmanship, courage and chivalry, and allowed the creative juices to flow. The concept of a medieval castle stage setting with members in full knight attire and a powerful driving Renaissance Rock Rendition was born. I hope you enjoy all aspects of The Alliance production....

My name is Coleen and I play keyboards for The Alliance.


My love of music began at a young age. I was strongly influenced by my father who was an accomplished musician. I enjoy a wide variety of music from Celtic to classical, jazz, and rock. I began playing keyboards with The Alliance in Japan in 2012 during which the song "Writing On The Wall" was created.


The costumes and the sets have been an artistic expression of mine. I love that our band has a unique presentation with a positive message. Its creativity and energy are contagious. I consider it a blessing to be part of this production.

My name is Timmy, and I play Drums and percussion.

I am James, and play Base.

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