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The Alliance

James (Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals), Coleen (Synth & Piano),

Michael (Rhythm/Lead Guitar), Bryan (Piano & Keyboards), Seth (Bass), Josh (Drums)

The Alliance is a collection of dedicated, and experienced musicians sharing the same common vision. To perform a spiritual, theatrical renaissance rock musical fantasy, that will deeply reach the hearts and minds of all who embrace it. The band’s strong commitment to Medieval themed, Progressive Rock is unprecedented. The Alliance is committed to a rock music performance for all ages to enjoy, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


We perform concerts with a castle stage, props, and theatrical effects. Depending on the venue, we also offer a theatrical medieval performance of epic proportions with stage actors. The live music performed directly correlates with the theatrical scenes performed on center stage. This is a medieval performance pitting king against king, the rise and fall of an entire empire, a prince in exile, a prophet giving wisdom and guidance, and plenty of swordsmanship. The stage performance also encounters conflict, courage, chivalry, and a bit of romance.


So join The Alliance and bring our mystical musical performance to your town! It will be experience you will never forget. Register on this website for exclusive access to band information.


Thank you for your support!!

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