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The Alliance - Medieval Themed Rock Band

Bing Crosby Theater Performance - Testimonials

“I have managed the Bing Crosby since 1988 and presented more than 5,000 events including Pearl Jam, Wynton Marsellis, Neko Case, Old 97's, Andrew Bird, Alice in Chains, Ani Difranco, LL Cool J, Joan Baez, Robert Cray, Arlo Guthrie, Tommy Emmanuel, Jonny Lang, String Cheese Incident, Bob Weir, Joan Baez, Bela Fleck, Lindsey Buckingham, Dark Star Orchestra and Steve Earle. I know talent when I see and hear it and the creative and entertaining performance "The Alliance" presented in October 2013 as a headlining show at the Bing was inspirational. It was one of the most innovative performances I have seen and their music made the visuals a unique and fun. Their show was professionally choreographed and presented.

The Alliance's unique performance included a display of theatrical performers on center stage combined with the excitement of a driving medieval themed rock music sound. The show included the action of sword fighting, dancing, the sword Excalibur from the stone, a conflict with the dark prince (Mad Dog), and an animated wizard (Time keeper) delivering narration throughout the evening. I give this must see performance two thumbs up, and highly recommend it for all ages to see. I believe The Alliance is a great fresh new original show with the huge potential to become a recognized national act. I believe they have the ability and professionalism to perform in major cities throughout the country. We look forward to having them back at the Bing.”

Michael Smith

General Manager

The Bing Crosby Theater - Spokane, WA.  

"Coordinating and setting up the stage show for The Alliance for their October 2013 performance at the Bing Crosby Theater was a great pleasure. Like magic, their props transformed the entire theater stage into a full castle setting including knights in armor, displayed swords and battle axes, numerous shields, and other creative decor that placed us back in the medieval times. The band and supporting cast was completely outfitted in authentic medieval attire which complimented the castle surroundings and the driving, melodic, medieval themed rock music they performed. The original rock music The Alliance plays completely correlates with the theatrical action displayed in the front of the stage.

As an experienced technical engineer I have to say their energy, excitement, creative performance, and strong sound kept the audience engaged the entire evening. To add to the realism and excitement of their performance, The Alliance displayed authentic medieval exhibits throughout the theater to enhance the experience. Some of these unique displays included a stockade, kings treasure presentation, code of arms, Kings armor, and a medieval cauldron display. I believe The Alliance is an up and coming sensation, and a must see show for all ages. This show is for anyone who wants to experience great original music, a medieval swordsmanship, action, chivalry, romance, and a well written magical mystical story."

Tony Kacalek

Production Manager

The Bing Crosby Theater - Spokane, WA.

Schweitzer Mountain - Fall Fest Testimonial

"The Alliance is one of the most entertaining, and definitely the most unique acts we have ever booked at Schweitzer. They are part band and part theatrical experience! You provide the stage and sound system and they bring an entire show including backdrop, props, actors, costumes and theater dressing.

We will definitely be booking them again and I suggest you do too. Your guests will appreciate the musicianship and the show!"

Brandon Peterson

Events Manager

Schweitzer Mountain Resort - Sandpoint, ID.

Sandpoint Renaissance Rock Festival - Testimonial

"The City of Sandpoint was pleased to host The Alliance, a unique theatrical medieval progressive rock band. This fun and family friendly event was the very first to concert in our new park band shell in the fall of 2013 and they put on a show to remember. With original songs and an impressive stage show, including a castle stage, to say the audience was entertained would be an understatement. There were shields, knights in armor, swords, code of arms, authentic reproductions of medieval exhibits, a stockade, dungeon gate, kings treasure box, kings armor display, cauldron exhibit, code of arms display, and much more.

As part of the production the band takes the stage in medieval knight attire. Add to that an ongoing stream of support players such as narrator wizard Time Keeper, gifted maidens performing ballet dance, multiple attempts to pull the sword Excalibur until the worthy succeeds and more, there was not a dull moment.

In particular I was pleased with the interaction that the band had with the crowd, especially the youngsters. I was also impressed with the talent of the musicians. The original music was well practiced and tight. The Alliance works hard and has passion, the results will not displease. On behalf of our citizens who enjoyed this entertaining production, two thumbs up!"

 Kim Woodruff

Director, Parks and Recreation

City of Sandpoint, ID.

Sandpoint Oktoberfest - Testimonial

“I rarely have the opportunity to recommend a person or group that has brought me so much personal entertainment. This last summer I had the great blessing to get to know the group known as The Alliance. While I had personal enjoyment, one thing stood out in my opinion of the band: bigger and better. They should be playing in bigger and better venues, like Las Vegas or Orlando.

The band is polished, the act is bigger than life, and they appeal to all age groups. During the summer I saw The Alliance wow audiences at the Sandpoint Oktoberfest, The Schweitzer Mountain Fall Fest, and the Bing Crosby Theater in Spokane, and more. Each song tells a story, and the entirety of the set paints a tableau. Even though each song and set stands alone in its ability to entertain, the whole of the act is unique, making feet tap, hands clap, and bringing joy to the audience.

My suggestion for the band is to bring the act to a larger audience, but I have no doubt their popularity will grow. I was part of the Downtown Sandpoint Business Association, which hired the band for a summer concert, and also headed up the Sandpoint Oktoberfest, for which they headlined and brought down the house.

If you are considering hiring this band, do so with confidence. Original, musically talented, and the best show we have in North Idaho, and perhaps one of the best in the Pacific Northwest.”

Gary P. Lirette

DJ – KPND Radio & Oktoberfest event coordinator

Sandpoint, Idaho