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Bing Crosby Theater Performance - Testimonials

“I have managed the Bing Crosby since 1988 and presented more than 5,000 events including Pearl Jam, Wynton Marsellis, Neko Case, Old 97's, Andrew Bird, Alice in Chains, Ani Difranco, LL Cool J, Joan Baez, Robert Cray, Arlo Guthrie, Tommy Emmanuel, Jonny Lang, String Cheese Incident, Bob Weir, Joan Baez, Bela Fleck, Lindsey Buckingham, Dark Star Orchestra and Steve Earle. I know talent when I see and hear it and the creative and entertaining performance "The Alliance" presented in October 2013 as a headlining show at the Bing was inspirational. It was one of the most innovative performances I have seen and their music made the visuals a unique and fun. Their show was professionally choreographed and presented.


The Alliance's unique performance included a display of theatrical performers on center stage combined with the excitement of a driving medieval themed rock music sound. The show included the action of sword fighting, dancing, the sword Excalibur from the stone, a conflict with the dark prince (Mad Dog), and an animated wizard (Time keeper) delivering narration throughout the evening. I give this must see performance two thumbs up, and highly recommend it for all ages to see. I believe The Alliance is a great fresh new original show with the huge potential to become a recognized national act. I believe they have the ability and professionalism to perform in major cities throughout the country. We look forward to having them back at the Bing.”

Michael Smith

General Manager

The Bing Crosby Theater - Spokane, WA.  

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